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Biography for Jane Breau – Photo Breau

Jane Breau has been a professional photographer since 1996. Jane combines her knowledge of composition, light and photographic technique to create images that have long been praised and admired for their natural and relaxed look.

Jane was drawn into the photographic world at an early age. She had her first camera when she was seven. “Even though it was my mother who encouraged the artist in me it was my father who taught me how to see.” Although Jane excelled in her high-school art classes she took many additional art classes just for the fun of it. “The training that I received in those classes and from other artists along the way has been one of greatest assets to me as a photographer. The most important things that I learned were the rules of composition and lighting. I was very fortunate to meet a man in my early twenties who taught me the mechanics of photography.” But it wasn’t until she attended a two year course in Photography at NBCC Woodstock that everything came together. Jane graduated at the top of her class. She is most grateful to have had the opportunity to complete her practical studies under the tutelage of Canadian Master Photographer Martin Flewwelling.

By continuously upgrading her skills, Jane is able to offer clients the latest in digital photography and photographic ideas.

Although highly competent and successful in the application of film photography, Jane feels it has been through the use of digital photography that she has been able to be even more creative. “It’s liberating to be able to turn a colour image into a sepia coloured print without having to gas yourself in the darkroom with chemicals. Learning my craft as a film photographer has given me a great advantage in that I have learned to be disciplined in my approach. It isn’t about shooting a lot of images and hoping that some turn out. It’s about knowing how to execute an image from the very beginning.”

“So many things inspire me as an artist and photographer: winter light on a snow-covered field, the gargoyles on a building, children sliding on a blue sky day, a mother and her new-born baby, the look of love in a groom’s eyes…What I love is when the person I am photographing starts to loosen up and have fun. That’s when we all start having fun and that’s when the best images are created. That is one of the most exciting parts of being a photographer.”

With a desire to nurture her talent, combined with a distinct confidence and a clear artistic vision, Jane is able to collaborate with those who know what they want as well as guide those individuals who are looking for advice and ideas on how to complete their own vision.

Whether you want to preserve or share a special memory; document an event or rite of passage; give a meaningful gift; decorate your home or office with unique art; showcase a product or communicate ideas - Jane appreciates and welcomes the opportunity to fulfill and exceed your expectations.

Jane Breau is a member of Professional Photographers of Canada - Atlantic.

Author Liz Goodyear. January 31, 2008.

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